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BATAILLE was launched in 2018 and offers slow fashion. The brand’s purpose is the creation of unique Ready-to-wear and luxurious accessories for all genders. BATAILLE fashion has genderneutral undertones with pieces that are unisex and is not per se divided along the gender binarism. Only high-quality, durable and mostly natural materials are used, for maximum wear comfort. The argument of sustainability is thus heeded to.

BATAILLE understands fashion in a broader cultural and aesthetic context and places it alongside art, literature and philosophy. The brand name is inspired by the French philosopher Georges Bataille, whose work revolves around the concept of luxury. The aesthetic of the brand is inspired by decadent culture such as the iconography of the femme fatale, Dark Romanticism or Art Nouveau as well as by impulses from contemporary ‹bohemian› countercultures with their frivolous, eccentric and unconventional traits. The BATAILLE look is notable for the fusion of high and low, of high style and extravagance with the nonchalance and subversion of street style and urban wear; the glamorous sequin cocktaildress is combined with a bumbag or a cap, for example.

Fashion should be about style (and not mere trends), about transforming oneself and one’s life into a work of art. The driving force behind BATAILLE is the belief in the social-emancipatory and life-enhancing power of fashion, in fashion as resistance, in the importance of sartorial dissent. The connection between fashion and the subject should hence not be determined by norms that are imposed upon and obeyed by, but by the sovereign and unruly individual freedrom to dress howsoever one pleases. Aphoristically put by Oscar Wilde: «Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.»


T h e   f o u n d e r s   a n d   d e s i g n e r s

BATAILLE was founded by Alexander Lamm and Julian Jäggi. Alexander Lamm is a German fashion designer with Cuban roots and with an ESMOD background (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode 1841 Paris). Julian Jāggi is a Swiss philosopher and cultural theorist (MA ETH Zurich) with a specialization in luxury, decadence and fashion. Under fashion theory his essays on these topics are published so as to do justice to fashion as a cultural and aesthetic phenomenon and to further its discourse. Alexander and Julian met a couple of years ago and have been intertwined amorously, ideationally and businesswise ever since.