A piece of art handcrafted in Germany

Bataille Atelier attempt to translate the high art of tailoring into designs.

The creations are an intimate, experimental and fanciful collection that springs from a longing for imaginary worlds and new silhouettes.


The dresses are the result of constant trial and experimentation. We use draping and fabric manipulation as well as asymmetry and deconstruction in our work. In order to create unique wearable treasures.

The creations are all carefully handcrafted in our Atelier in Germany. The most elaborate creation, the „Sculpture“ takes up to 300 hours to complete. A vestimentary sculpture of silk.


Bataille Atelier offers the dresses in standard sizes and made to measure. Worldwide shipping. For more information visit:

La Petite Maison Bataille

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Bataille Atelier Sculpture dress. Up to 300 hours of craftsmanship.

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