Artemisia Bag

A beautiful treasure handmade in Italy

The ARTEMISIA bag is an upscale bumbag of classic form and with a masculine, urban edge and opulent velvet lining in emerald green or purple. The Artemisia is handmade in a traditional atelier, a small family business, in Italy.


How the idea for the Artemisia came about traces back to the Berlin party scene, techno underground clubs, Berghain, festivals. The bumbag is omnipresent in these subcultures. The designers were dissatisfied with the conventional designs, which are mostly only practical but not sexy, and therefore created the Artemisia.

The Artemisia is meant to be a steady companion. The bag becomes only more beautiful by wearing, because it adopts the traces of usage and memory, and thus acquires a beautiful patina. High quality leather, massive hardware, decadent lining and renowned Italian craftsmanship make it a unique piece.

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