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Zurich-based fashion brand BATAILLE was founded in 2018 by Jorge and Julian and offers unique ready-to-wear and luxurious accessories for all genders. Contrary to convention, BATAILLE does not categorize fashion into female and male, but leaves open who wants to identify with it.


BATAILLE combines contemporary design with materials of premium quality. All products are manufactured under fair conditions in Europe (EU). The BATAILLE style is notable for the fusion of high and low. Extravagance is combined with the nonchalance of street style; the glamorous sequin cocktaildress is worn in combination with a bumbag or a cap, for example. 


In opposition against throwaway fast fashion, BATAILLE creates slow fashion with pieces that are meticulously and professionally made by hand creating something of value and quality. The mission of BATAILLE is to create such pieces that are meant to last and become a steady companion. Items of clothes not only help us transform our self-image or give us self- confidence. As our personal companions, they take on symbolic meaning for us because they are being enriched with our memories and experiences. Thus they carry the traces of time and become a symbol for our dreams, hopes and chances. They become magical for us.


The brand name is inspired by the French philosopher Georges Bataille, whose philosophy revolves around the concept of luxury. Luxury is the realm beyond the necessary and functional. Only beyond this realm, by transgressing it, can human beings experience themselves as sovereign. The realm of luxury encompasses all those activities which are in themselves valuable for human life, like poetry, celebrations, eroticism, art, or fashion. Luxury is hence the liberation of human existence from the yoke of necessity. These insights, which we owe to Georges Bataille, have inspired BATAILLE.

fashion understanding

We understand fashion in a broader cultural and aesthetic context and deem its place alongside art, literature and philosophy. Fashion is not only an autonomous cultural creation, but also allows for an aesthetic self-experience. For, fashion belongs to the way of life that consists in the transformation of oneself and one’s own life into a work of art.


BATAILLE was founded by Jorge Alexander and Julian Marcel. The former is a German fashion designer with Cuban roots and with an ESMOD background (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode 1841 Paris). The latter is a Swiss philosopher and cultural theorist with a specialization in luxury, decadence and fashion. Under fashiontheory.online essays of his on these topics are published so as to contribute to the fashion discourse.

«Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.»

Oscar Wilde

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